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10 22 dating ruger

As a result, its semi-auto capability made no difference.It sat in the safe unused until I sold it to a friend and put the proceeds towards another passed, and I discovered that I enjoyed working on rifles. My second was a stock that looked like a rifle stock, not some version of a military-styled carbine.The next step, according to the wisdom of the Web, was to bed the rifle.What was different about the 10/22, however, was that its aluminum receiver was secured to the stock by a single screw ahead of the magazine.Although I applied modeling clay to the crevices and release agent to the surfaces, I apparently missed one crevice completely.Fortunately, I make it a habit to check on the bedding after about five hours of curing time, so the stock had not quite become one with the receiver and barrel, what is called a glue gun in benchrest shooting.Shooting this 10/22 was not only noisy but disappointing.

The new trigger was better, no question, but group sizes did not magically shrink.After the first time I shot it, I ordered an after-market, synthetic bolt buffer to replace the factory steel one.The cycling of the action still makes too much noise, as far as I’m concerned, but the bolt buffer does help.Eventually, I decided it would be fun to mess around with another 10/22. A “Rifle” model had just come out, featuring a beech stock and a 20” blued barrel.I thought about this model, but then discovered that Wal-Mart offered its own exclusive 10/22, although it was not advertised as such. ) stock with a rubber-like pad, a light grey receiver, and a stainless barrel that was 22” long. So in 2008 I bought one in Cortland, NY, the only Wal-Mart in this area that had continued to sell long guns.

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Given I already had a like-new 20" barrel, I didn’t care that the Sporter’s barrel was in poor shape.

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