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One of the things that’s noticeable is the consequences of feminism - almost nobody here in Australia expects duties to be divided between men and women.Another thing is that here men aren’t accustomed to paying for girls in cafes or restaurants. I don’t think people should believe stereotypes: My boyfriend from Germany may throw his dirty socks around the bedroom but his soul is three time bigger than any Russian man.

But dating Russian women on the long-term has peculiarities.

As a foreigner, some of this stuff might surprise you. Russian women are known to be cheerful and generally enthusiastic about life.

Although they do hope to settle down young, this does not mean that she will be missing out on her youth to be in a committed relationship.

I’ve heard that German grandparents don’t tend to look after their grandchildren as much as Russian grannies do, but I haven’t actually seen any proof of this yet.

To my mind nationality doesn't matter, I just happened to meet a Dutch guy who was perfect!

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I don’t consider my husband a foreigner, and I actually never hoped to marry a foreigner.