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16 27 year old dating

I know its not right, but I really am happy when I'm with him.. Do I just let myself be happy and continue seeing him or do I bring this to an end?

Speaking as someone who has been in this situation before, and who has had enough years to process the experience ...

Although it's legally 'okay', I believe that six years is way too young unless both people are over 20.

There's just something weird about it that I disagree with :/ This was posted from The Student Room's i Phone/i Pad App It's not illegal and a 6 year age difference is not crazy but at the age of 22 and 16, it's pretty weird.

as someone who's 16 i think you're going to continue dating someone you like whether or not someone tells you something or not tbh, i would probably do the same.

but if you really care about each other you'll wait to have sex when you're legal. You may not see this right now sarrrx3 but you have some of the most important years of your life ahead of you for growth and maturing.

For instance, having you slapped with a restraining order, for starters. Until he is of legal age to move out, support himself, and do as he pleases, they may as well be as gods to him.

I met him riding horses and found out we lived right down the street from eachother, and now we ride together all the time and I find myself always wanting to be with him. We've discussed how weird the whole thing is and I know hes never done something like this before.

Honestly, there is likely something wrong with the guy if he is dating girls that are 12 years younger than him. I'm 27 and simply can't imagine ever dating a 16 year old (it is entirely legal in my country, too) - he should not be letting this happen.

The bare minimum I think a 28 year old guy should date is 21. You are still a child in the eyes of the law and in terms of maturity, and he is well beyond that.

it'll save him from legal problems, and give you time to mature and decide if you really want that. It was sort of weird dealing with the life experience differences, but looking back on it 5 years later, I see we were approximately equals in terms of life experience. I mean, it's not impossible for it to work out, but it will probably crash and burn, and I don't know if you are ready for it if you are only 16. Being with a man who's already experienced these things may very well leave you feeling cheated down the line when you potentially have to bypass all of it to be in a relationship.

(dating, jobs, friendships, education) if you can say the same for you and this guy, it might be ok. I know you aren't going to see it this way since the relationship is right in front of you here and now but I agree with the others that even if this isn't a sexual relationship it isn't the time for you to have it. But we had a real good time and the reason why we broke up was nothing about the gap.

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