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Go to say bye, date shakes my hand “nice to meet you”, sister was like “you know you can hug him right” as she gives me a hug. This is when I realized there must be a bit of a crush formed there now for me to be irritated like this. Others had been boring and I’d been down from those but this had sustenance and I felt some attraction to the girl.So I politely ask the date if she would like a hug, she gives me a tight warm hug. I could just play along as friends, got out with someone else and hope to make that something so this doesn’t.Unbelievable she cheated with our family doctor who is her gynecologist as well, the one that sees us two, the one that is our friend, the one that comes with his wife to have dinner at our home. More incredible is that I didn’t caught her, she just told me it was during a physical exam, she noticed his erection and couldn’t help jokingly asking him about it, he pulled out and she surrendered.

I thought her sister was cute, lots of giggling was had among the three of us, my jokes came off as funny to easily, boyfriend seemed pretty “too cool for school”.

A woman doesn't have to be pregnant to arouse me, but the wish to impregnate her is always in my mind.

My greatest unfulfilled desire is to find a woman who wants to be bred and keep her pregnant, with My girlfriend cheated on me when we were dating but after we married she stayed loyal until she got pregnant.

They decided to goto a place for a bite and some beer.

My car is in the shop and don’t have a rental so I got dropped off.

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