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It has become difficult to talk about the future of recruitment without focusing on the candidate.Aptitude Research Partners found that improving the candidate experience is the top priority for organizations.They identify, nurture, and engage buyers in a way that builds a long-term relationship.Why wouldn’t recruiting do the same for candidates?In fact, companies that invest in the candidate experience are 3 times more likely to improve quality of hire and 4 times more likely to retain top performers. But the reality is that most companies fall short: – Only 1 in 3 companies have been successful at improving the candidate experience in the past year (Aptitude Research Partners, 2017); – Only 40% of companies are even required to respond to a candidate at all during the process (The Talent Board, 2016); and – Less than 30% of companies are engaging with candidates during the hiring process (Aptitude Research Partners 2017).

(The implication being I have until Sunday to decide and getting on the plane means I gave in to his threat, otherwise we are both fired on Monday) I feel my relationship is irrevocably destroyed between my current boss and his company and I might as well help my wife start looking for something new.She has suffered from long unemployment bouts and this has just been so perfect for her and had given her a new self-worth.I am now feeling a hesitation to leave just for her sake.There isn't much of a workplace environment to speak of.My job also requires an extreme amount of travel and I have become burned out.

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