Anson mount and britney spears dating

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Growing up, their friendship fades: Lucy becomes the introverted valedictorian, Kit becomes the most popular girl in school, and Mimi becomes an outcast from a trailer park, facing teenage pregnancy.

On the night of graduation, they reunite to open the "wish box”, remembering their old wishes: Mimi wanted to travel to California, Lucy wanted to find her mother, and Kit wanted to get married.

Lucy rejoins the others and they reach Los Angeles, where Kit brings Mimi to surprise her fiancé, Dylan.

Alone together in the hotel, Lucy gives her virginity to Ben and they fall in love.

Running away, Mimi falls down the stairs and loses her baby.

Her friends comfort her as she comes to terms with her loss, having decided to keep the baby.

Lucy and Ben grow closer, especially after she reads him a poem she wrote.Lucy calls her father to take them back home, and Kit and Mimi tell her that she should go to the audition in Mimi's place.Lucy declines and prepares to leave with her father, but realizes that everything that she has done has been to please her father instead of herself.Development on the film began in 2001, when Spears created a concept that was later expanded by Rhimes.Principal filming began on March 2001, and encompassed over a period of six months.

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They set out in a yellow 1973 Buick Skylark convertible with Ben (Anson Mount).

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