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His work on recalls John Williams but manages to be enough of its own beast that it doesn’t sit in the shadows of Williams’ classic work for Spielberg’s films.

Unfortunately, Abrams has difficulty following Giacchino’s lead.

Rating: B- • Elle Fanning • Entertainment • Gabriel Basso • J.

The film is called because the principal characters—five pubescent Ohio boys of various shapes and a willowy blonde girl—are in the midst of shooting a ragtag zombie movie (it’s the seventies, pre–home video) at an empty, isolated railroad station when a pickup truck veers onto the tracks and derails an onrushing freight train.The injured driver, a high-school science teacher, tells them to run or they’ll be killed.The Air Force shows up hunting for something that looks to be very big and lethal.Fanning and Courtney have great chemistry and more than Joe’s struggle to come to grips with his mother’s death or connecting with his father, his young romance with Alice is the best emotional relationship in the film.I wish that the other young actors were up to Courtney and Fanning’s level.

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The lens flare that was slightly annoying in because it just cuts the frame in awkward places and serves as a distraction from a story that wants to be grounded in small town Americana and genuine emotions.

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