Arkansas age dating laws

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Arkansas age dating laws

In those instances where one or both of the parties wishing to marry are under the minimum age and the female IS PREGNANT, both parties may appear before a judge of the circuit court of the district where the application for marriage license is being made.

The circuit court judge, after considering all evidence supplied by the parties, may issue an order directing the clerk to issue a marriage license to the party or parties under 18 years of age and wishing to marry.

If, for example, you were awarded 0,000 in damages, but were found 20% at fault, your damages would be reduced to ,000.

However, if the jury finds that your fault is equal to or greater than the defendant’s fault, then you are not entitled to recover any damages, and your case is dismissed.

If the plaintiff receives an award of future damages greater than 0,000, either party may request the court to order that the future damages in excess of 0,000 be paid, in whole or in part, by periodic payments instead of by a lump sum payment.

This law can be found at Arkansas Code Annotated section 16-114-208.

If you were previously married, you will need to show your divorce decree, or have information regarding date, county and state of death of previous spouse.

The discovery rule is an exception to the standard deadline in situations where the victim could not reasonably have learned that he/she even had a medical malpractice case.

In Arkansas, the discovery rule only applies in malpractice cases that are based on a foreign object that was left in the patient’s body.

A guardianship is an order given by a court to a person (called the guardian) giving the guardian control over another person (called the ward).

The guardianship may give the guardian control over the ward’s property or physical person, or both. The resources and information below are about both adult guardianships and guardianships of minors (someone under 18 years of age who is not emancipated).

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However, there is a special discovery rule that only applies to children under the age of nine at the time of the alleged malpractice.