Art intimidating life

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Art intimidating life

Eddy and Edmiston wanted to collaborate under one cohesive vision while still maintaining their individual styles.

The exhibit reflects this give-and-take between the two as the space alternates between their personalities, exchanging ideas.

The thought of striking up a conversation with a gallery owner can seem daunting.

And the alternative — scrolling through countless paintings and prints online — isn’t much easier.

Like the Frank O’Hara poem “Walking to Work” that inspired Eddy and Edmiston, the exhibition displays lightness and darkness through different materials and textures.

Just as O’Hara carefully formats his poem to create meaning, Eddy and Edmiston purposefully position their artwork around the main floor.

While other exhibits might hide these traits, this exhibition doesn’t shy away from displaying the untidiness of the creative process.

Walking through the entrance, the black and white, geometric style of Ben Edmiston presents rows of small, black symbols that seem like modern hieroglyphs.

And when you turn the corner, this is in stark contrast to Eddy’s brightly colored, textured piece that bursts from the canvas.

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