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His parents, Priscilla "Dolly" Wiseman and Charles Boyd, both of whom had experience in entertainment, had nurtured his artistic side since he was a child.Other notable family members include his younger brother, Jason Boyd, the former lead singer of the band Audiovent, his cousin Berto Boyd, an accomplished Flamenco guitarist and composer, as well as cousin Sam Boyd, a professional motocross rider.At first, Boyd had copied several drawings from a sex education book that Einziger's mother had given them, but he decided to stop using it after several prospective fans had been confused by their fliers ("What kind of band is this? So the band had to retreat back to using their own artwork. The band's 2004 release A Crow Left of the Murder...He is known for having some guitar parts during live performances and for bringing interesting instruments into his songs, such as the didgeridoo and djembe. has continued their success, nominating the band for Best Hard Rock Performance in the 2005 Grammy Awards.

"So the Echo" visually weaves the last five years Boyd spent honing his craft and talents, both in his music and art. In the spring of 2011, Boyd made a large mural at the Hurley Space Gallery in order to raise awareness about single use plastics and their harmful effects on the world's oceans.

In an interview, Brandon explained that he had "yet to stumble across his best work" because he lacked the ability to read music. went largely unnoticed in the mainstream, but subsequent releases Make Yourself and Morning View were commercial successes. In a 2001 interview, Spin wrote "Considering his androgynous beauty and sweet demeanor, plus Incubus' kid-tested/mother-approved guitar rock, it's no surprise he's MTV's newest weapon of mass heartbreak.

Boyd designed concert fliers that advertised their early performances. Girls scream for him to take his shirt off at Incubus shows (he usually obliges), and Teen People recently voted him one of 'The Hottest Guys in Music.' His sensitive-guy appeal sets him apart from today's testosterone-drunk rock".

Another thing that this organization often does is it will provide its fans chances to have wonderful, and otherwise unattainable experiences, and to meet and spend time with Incubus.

Most recently two fans were flown to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal National Park and were able to do this with the band.

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