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This is especially important for corpses in advance stages of decomposition.

All that might remain is the skeleton, perhaps teeth, and possibly some hair.

But there still remains naturally occurring levels of carbon in the air. Radioactive particles and naturally occurring carbon settle in the crystallins of the eyes, and Radiocarbon Dating is the process of detecting this manifestation.

Crystallins are microscopic proteins that bind together and collect on the lens of the eye.

Even if the pathologist has teeth and hair to work with, that doesn’t mean enough material remains to ID the victim’s gender.

By showing our pathologist or Medical Examiner measuring the pelvic inlet, arches, and angles, we’ve essentially ensured our reader isn’t going anywhere.

The acetabulum—the socket where the femur (thigh bone) meets the pelvis—is larger in males.

Also, the head and skull have several characteristics indicative of one sex or the other.

A woman’s pubic arch is wider than a male’s as is the pelvic inlet, to allow a baby’s head to pass through.

The pubic arch is also referred to as the ischiopubic arch.

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