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So we had collaborated before, and we’re mutual fans of one another. I think he was talking about how the comedian is going for laughter while the musician is going for a broader range of emotional reaction. And I guess I never thought about it in terms of anything absurd. Because, actually, now that I’m talking about it, I like comedy that’s dark and strange. I think of comedians like Mitch Hedberg or even Bill Hicks that have an element of danger to their performance, and kind of veer right on the edge of making you feel nervous or making you laugh.

Are people asking you guys to come on, or did you ask her? Well, with a lot of the guest spots, it’s definitely a combination of people reaching out to us, and then Fred and myself making a list of people whose work we admire and who we’re interested in seeing in a different context, and giving them an opportunity to revel in the frivolity and absurdity of the show and perhaps showcase something a little less serious than what their music aligns with. Fred and I actually made a music video for her years ago, from her album Actor. Fred told me that the comedian has a much more specific job than the musician. Even though I can appreciate that, I think I always liked the more magical, earnest, or just mystifying elements of music. So I never really approached it in a comedic sense even though I’ve always had a sense of humor. Ex PN I went to Portland to interview Sleater-Kinney about their fantastic, boundary-breaking new album for today’s Observer.

Janet was “sick” - except, it turned out nine days later, she wasn’t.

For some reason, I always thought it would be an indirect route; I didn't know that it would be comedy and Saturday Night Live.

I just wanted to do something with performing that would lead me there." in comedy films such as Eurotrip, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Deck the Halls, The Ex, The Promotion, The Rocker, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Armisen founded Thunder, a website that features the comedy sketches created with Brownstein, and is the bandleader and frequent drummer for the Late Night with Seth Meyers house band, The 8G Band.#sleaterkinney #TCWH SDQ Leave it to a woman to pit Corin and I against each other. My best/oldest friend and the heart and soul of this band, You think she doesn't have agency in SK? And I do think it can come across as, yeah, potentially more satirical, slightly less optimistic. Or as we grapple with the meaning of living these kind of progressive lives, we’ve finally hit upon something that feels unnerving or perhaps less positive than we thought.You’re kind of making fun of people who are making conscious decisions about their moral impact.

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So, I don’t know, I guess I’m completely retracting everything that I said at the beginning!

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