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Cha roulet cybe se

9 5 M-TEC H D 68020EC External IDE ha r d disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradabie to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE E 9 9 PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES MEMORY REQUIRES MAHN SIMMS ZIP D R I V E ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI £ 1 9 9 . Before you can use the parallel scanner Being almost a third smaller than the GT-6500,with thinnersidesand front,and almost twice as fast the 5000 is a more than admirable replacement and worth every penny you also need an Amiga-specific parallel cable.

111 for details for Optional RS422 a nd R5232 por ti I Ea lo EXTENDER . tern Surf Squirrel otters an even higher SCSI " al performance, auto-booting, arid ultra-fall! Sur f Squirrel is the ideal' o r ul expansion peripheral for your Amiga u s "1200. i b u t i SURF SQUIRREL 199.95 GEN INCL Se U IR R EL M P E G Squirrel MPEG allows you to play Vide and (DI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG b A SC high quality digitally mastered image; : a n d 16-bit ster eo sound to you and your C. F o r SQUIRREL MPEG E199.95 GUI • a il- o rd e r te rm s All prices include VAT. 4 f .11 C -' D ) 4 Ne C [ t ) H i m — ; ' ; ' 1 wue , p? J J N i f g 0 1 1 C 4 N 0 g 5 .4 0 fl 1 i1t q l - V 8 a T . If you want sharp, clear, good looking pictures then there is no substitute for a quality scan.

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Luckily, the Epson CT range of scanners is well catered for on the Amiga side, with both the top-ofthe-range ima g e processing packages having support modules for Epson scanners, Imageff comes with a number of scanner modules including one for the Epson, while ADPro's module has to be bought at extra expense.

If you do not currently own either of these programs, Power Computing currently bundles its own scanner software - this is the same program that comes with its hand scanners, and makes a usable alternative.

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August R e q u i r e s hard drive, 2Mb RAM, 68020 1996 the most impressive animations with Amiga Computing's exclusive demo of X-DVE 2, the digital effects generator i tequi r es hard drive, WS Championship Manager Ed - a ream editor Photo Album - the lastest picture cataloguer Sound Box - a multi•format sample editor Tiny Meter - good looking program launcher ATAPI Device - use 10E CD Drives Easy Print im pr oved graphic printing Print Manager - a spooier tor your Amiga Easy Link - connect your PC and Amiga Scree n Tab - simple screen switching • VIScorp •. 9 5 INCLUDING 50MHz FPI) SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, ROB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive por t (1.76M8), clock, controller for 2.5" hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to BMB). All trade marks are ackixiselledged o r d e r s in writing op by telephone will be accepted only sublect to cue terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request PLEASE CALL If Y OU HAVE ANY Ci Ll ERIES 1 6110401K25MHZ 190 ASOO 2MB RAM 9 FALCON MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK 1 2 4 . 9 5 A600 1MB RAM A M 1MB RAM 9 INE MEGA C H IP R A M tal on thc c e a l i total o f 2MB. im EGACHIP RAM 1159.95 Ai tol i e a A500 6 8 0 2 0 EC 5 15 A • c 0 - — t t t c CUocc (a Ln• cc vi Lo CI , a5 l1 0, N ,x e0 p a i , x o u ) .141 x ra x sw 13-, ,o •c, —0- c\I x. w o2 0 Z I J: I 0 - 0 1:1 0 -CI 1 ) l1111 x 7 1 a Cce j el el a t e 2 9 ( oj ) ) l i0 0 _ n0 ' L ; ' r ) c 5 c o I n i n L t ) tt. Scanners also win hands down when it comes to the maximum resolution achiev• able.Consequently, you do not have to °CANNERSOF Epson's GT flat bed scanners are renown for their quality and speed.Neil M o h r tests the baby of the bunch AMIGACOMPUTING AUGUST 1996 A_Irrriva It is all very well and good having an excellent scanner such as the GT-5000, but it you haven't got the software to support it then it's as much use as a door stop.En cookie er ikke et program, der kører på din maskine og en cookie er ikke en virus eller spyware.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.

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Other than that you are just left with three display LEDs.