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Charm 2 charm dating com

The girls are taken by bus to the beach and in less than five minutes, the girls quickly find that their visit to the beach will not be so enjoyable.

At this point, the tension lightens as the contestants assume that Raven's departure is the only elimination for the episode.Lacey is on the carpet for having a "diva attitude" and having constantly antagonized the other contestants; Dallas has been called down for her temper; Courtney is there for her apparent alcohol problems.Sharon confronts Courtney and says Charm School cannot help her with drinking problems, but says they can help her by admitting her to a drug rehabilitation program. First aired October 19, 2008 The episode begins with Brandi C., Megan and Lacey scheming and discussing about their three "targets" for forcing into elimination: Dallas, Brandi M. Heather reads a note from Sharon notifying them of their first challenge and that they will have to wear their uniforms.However, Sharon informs them that they will still make an elimination.Sharon calls Courtney, Lacey and Dallas down to the carpet.

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