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Chaturika piris

In most recently concluded “Raigam Tele Awards 2011” Nehara and Menaka were chosen as the most famous tele drama actress and actor.

Giving an interview to a media Nehara confirmed that she has gained legal action to divorce her husband Nirmal.

I feel a big sense of happiness and responsibility. In days ahead I will have a lot of work as a mother, actress and businesswoman.

Am anxiously awaiting the days when I will be attending to baby's work once I get my baby. The role of a middle-aged mother still does not suit me. Things like arranging and cleaning up must be done by me.

The delivery date of baby is about two or two and a half months more.

Most activities we were engaged in during the Easter attack were delayed. It is only in an environment after I get my baby that I will accept new assignments as such.

At least I thought that way, but all of my efforts were in vain and I finally decided to go to my parents house”.

According to Nehara , she was living with her parents for the last couple of weeks.

Other than that she has starred in few other films and many other television dramas and TV commercials.

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Nobody can let me down as long as my parents and fans are with me.

They can understand the truth.” When asked about her future plans she said, the shooting of “Amanda” is over and “Ruwan Maliga” shooting is still on.

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These days we are not engaged in production activities.

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