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Christian dating book for teenagers

I have seen middle school students “fall in love.” I have seen high school students date for years and continue dating into their college years.I have seen teenagers hit rock bottom as the person they are dating ends the relationship. Most teenagers at some point will engage in dating relationships.As someone who works with teenagers I have seen almost everything when it comes to teens and dating.

You can read our disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions of use, and Danika Cooley's personal statement of faith and beliefs for more information. We want our children to navigate the teen years well, and the topic of approaching relationships (dating or otherwise) from a biblical point of view is a huge concern.

If we would encourage Christians to marry Christians, doesn’t it make sense to encourage Christians to date other Christians? In this video, Tim Keller explains how it’s not practical for Christians to date non-Christians.

In her book “It’s fine to have friendships with non-Christians, but do not commit to anyone who does not share your same faith.

Teenagers should know that the Bible considers more than just intercourse outside of marriage a sin.

God commands us to abstain and flee from any sexual activity outside of marriage.

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