Christian rules for dating my son

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Christian rules for dating my son

So when Christian parents tell their kids that God wants them to wait for marriage, they’re confused. Unfortunately, because of cultural tolerance, that sliver has widened significantly.

Things that were once taboo, are now touted as “okay,” and “normal,” and “your right.”Remember when being drunk in public was utterly humiliating? The conduct of many college students during Spring Break should shame them.

In years past, I watched the conservative Christian homeschool movement separate their boys and girls so much that the very idea of them intermingling struck fear into parents’ hearts.

Several years ago, I read a piece by a late-twenties homeschooled girl who recounted events she attended with the hopes of meeting a future spouse, only to find that the girls went one way and the boys went another.

(I wish this article was published online because it was very enlightening without being bitter toward her parents, who really were just trying to do the best they could.) Another thing I have seen in strict courtship models is a desire to find “perfection” – a fully mature Christian who says and does all the right things.

There are two problems with this – no one is perfect and someone who says and does all the right things might be pretending.

Jesus didn’t condemn the people that the Bible tells us he met and healed. He acknowledged it, and lovingly told them to repent. Though Jesus didn’t approve of her adultery, he was kind, gentle, and loving to her.

He saw the beauty, the potential, and the innate worth and dignity God infused into her as his child.

The film explores the difficulties that face single believers when trying to follow the courtship model as well as the benefits of this way of finding a spouse.

On the other hand, thanks to cultural tolerance, Kenton’s position appears to be harsh and unloving.

Part of his anger might be due to his fear that Renee will ask for further compromise.

I’m SO glad I did not go out on a limb at the time and try to act like I knew what I was talking about because my views have changed on the matter, and more than likely will evolve even more when my older children begin this journey.

So, why am I bringing this up now since I still have no experience in the matter?

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Perhaps next she’ll drop the bombshell that she and her boyfriend have decided to live together. Everybody’s doing it.”Just because society promotes a behavior as “okay,” that doesn’t make it so.