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College faculty dating students

Others say that any faculty-student relationship is simply incompatible with the mission of higher education."This is not a moral question," said Dr.Ronald Herron, vice president for student affairs at SUNY Purchase. There are profound obligations one takes on as an educator that require us to always place the student and the act of teaching ahead of personal interest." Dr.

She is an 18-year-old freshman, starry eyed and entranced by her teacher's apparent brilliance and sensitivity. Faculty members at the University of Virginia recently voted to prohibit sexual relationships between professors and the students they supervise.

"I've seen situations where it is clear it is going on.

And I can also think of situations that are a big question, like the professor who even in class will make jokes like ' You can either take this test in class or you can come see me personally and we can arrange something.' I know some things have gone on with this guy and students," she said.

' It Is Going On' Most administrators at colleges in the county said that faculty-student dating was not a problem on their particular campuses. Several pointed out that administrators were not likely to hear any complaints, given that there were no strong policies prohibiting such relationships in the first place."How can administrators say it doesn't happen?

" asked Alexandra Passas, an Environmental Studies major at SUNY Purchase.

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"While it isn't specifically addressed in our regulations, I do think that we would find a faculty-student relationship ruled out tacitly by our other policies, particularly with respect to sexual harassment and notions of professional conduct," he said.