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Commitment dating

We can become the source for how we want our lives to look.

We don't have to stay stuck in frustration, resentment and sadness.

Instead, you can have a relationship which makes you feel alive and gives you a greater sense of purpose and companionship.

When you join our community, you have an opportunity to not only attract relationships that empower you, you have the chance to be a part of the movement towards shifting the way men and women relate to one another globally.

We can relearn how we connect with one other so that our relationships are based on love, growth, and acceptance.

We can experience love as an extension of oneself and use it as a building block for creating the type of life that we desire and deserve.

Eventually, friends started coming to me to get advice and I became a men's dating coach.

There I discovered everything about what other men were looking for, what frustrations they had, and developed systems to help them create the types of relationships they wanted. The most fundamental needs that both men and women have are the same... pretending like we're happy when we're really miserable.

After years of miserable dating failures, I began to understand how to create healthier, more meaningful relationships.

There are really only two human emotions: love and fear.

All other emotions stem from those two basic emotions.

I basically came from a family of broken relationships.

It seemed like nobody in my family could function in a romantic way with members of the opposite sex.

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