Common dating mistakes women

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Common dating mistakes women

You make negative assumptions when he’s late, hasn’t called, or is acting withdrawn - that he’s thinking of breaking up with you.He may not be thinking any such thing, but you wouldn’t know, because you’re afraid to ask.If you find yourself agreeing with any of the above statements, you’re not alone.Most of the many thousands of women who have come to me for advice and coaching have had at least a few of these beliefs about men and relationships, if not more. And these beliefs are causing you to feel anxious about dating because you believe you can’t be yourself and attract the kind of man you want.You give off a tense “vibe” that makes him want to detach from you, ASAP.

How many sleepless nights have you spent second-guessing yourself or wishing for a different outcome with a man?

And the more you’re rejected, the stronger your false beliefs become: I’ve literally coached thousands of women who have thought the same things, and made the same mistakes.

They are incredibly common, and because they are so common, most women don’t even know they are mistakes!

They’re causing you to accept really bad behavior from men, or to date men who aren’t right for you.

And they’re causing you to to stay in a cycle of heartbreak, loneliness, desperation, and unhappiness.

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If you’ve devoted yourself for years to a man who wouldn’t , you’re probably of the opinion that men have to be cajoled into monogamy and marriage and would prefer to date forever instead of settling down - even when they fall in love.

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