Coptic orthodox rules dating

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Coptic orthodox rules dating

So whoever isn't part of the Oriental Orthodox family, will have to be baptized in order to marry.So getting involved in the church is key and very beneficial for your relationship.We've really hit it off and she's probably the coolest girl I've met in a long long time.A little back story: Her parents are both Egytians who immigrated to Canada separately in the 80's where they met.They moved to the US and got married and started a family sometime after that. Her parents live a state away, as she moved to my home state for a job after she graduated college so meeting them anytime soon probably isn't going to happen.

I know this is way too early in your relationship to talk about marriage, however, in order for a couple to get married in the Coptic church, they both have to be baptized in the faith.

I read that most Coptic women don't start dating until they're of "marriage age" and that after a few dates you're supposed to meet their father to ask for his permission and marriage is usually the underlying tone.

Now, like I said, we've only been "dating" for about a month and a half but I don't want to get too attached only to find out that we could never be anything more than what we are because I didn't follow the rules or that her family isn't going to support her because I'm 100% sure she's going to pick them over me, obviously.

Mr Naguib won his case last year, when the court told the church it must grant him his right to divorce and remarry.

The church appealed and lost, with the Supreme Administrative Court ruling on May 29th that “the right to establish a family is a constitutional right, which is above all other considerations.”Defiant Coptic bishops say “there is no power on earth that could make us violate the teachings of our Lord Christ.” The case will now go to the Supreme Constitutional Court, the highest in the land.

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