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Cote de pablo dating robert wagner

When news broke that one had survived the attack, Tony raced home to pack so he could catch a flight to Israel.

While he was in transit, Mc Gee and Abby learned that Ziva was not the survivor and went to his condo to break the news to a devastated Di Nozzo.

After getting the news, he rushed back to the office, only for Gibbs to tell him he was benched from the investigation because "she was more than an agent to you."The next day it became clear why.

Vance called him in to meet with Mossad director Orli Elbaz (a barely recognizable Marina Sirtis from "I'd believe you a lot more if you were back in Israel searching instead of standing here telling us how sorry you are," Di Nozzo snarled"Actually, I'm here for a much more important reason," the Mossad boss admitted.

He blew his cover in the investigation into arms dealer La Grenouille and may have even been the one who bombed Tony's beloved Corvette. He tried to rationalize his actions, telling Tony, "I had no idea she'd be in the farmhouse. For the teammate he once hazed and called Probie, he has five words: "Very Special Agent Timothy Mc Gee."He disappeared into the elevator for the last time as Gibbs entered the office and issued the "Grab your gear" command to the rest of the team.

(So clearly, Ziva and Tony had one humdinger of a farewell in Israel a couple of seasons back.)"Yes, she's the image of her mother, but the eyes are all you, Tony," she pointed out, adding that Tali only knew that her mother had gone away."(Ziva) struggled with how to break the news," Elbaz said.has a tendency to bring in characters from out-of-the-blue, so you never know for sure.If the writers are reading this, rest assured that no one wants to see Jeanne again, especially after she was so hard on Di Nozzo (though she may have had reason to considering he was undercover and not being completely honest with her).You never know, she could be needed for a case or simply pop back in for a visit!Senior, as Robert Wagner's character is referred to, is Anthony Di Nozzo Junior's (Michael Weatherly) father.

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Fans were shocked by her death and mourned just as deeply as the NCIS team; seeing her in flashbacks or referenced has helped the grieving process along. Say Gibbs has a dream or Mc Gee (Sean Murray) takes a hit to the head and thinks he sees Kate.

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