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Maybe I got lucky on justcougars but I know I had a lot more fun during my first three months there, so don't really understand whats going wrong here. They do this to encourage you pay in order to see the messages.

The site clearly has real women and ive not changed the way I act (if anything Ive been sending more messages since the hookup) so im a bit discouraged. but once you pay, they take the money and suspend you. I know many guys will disagree with me on that but Cogarlife is an awesome way to meet older ladies.

I think you won't find any other cougar dating site with a comparable number of users.

Conclusion: You will almost certainly have a good time on Cougar Life.

Meet some nice cougars and never really had an issue. NSA dating always takes time to work and that goes double for an area as specific as cougars/ milfs.

If you ain't got any patience and are only looking for a one night stand u can try sites like Cougars69 because there are really dozens of dozens of naughty women. In my opinion there are only two legitimate cougar dating sites out there where you can find attractive older women. Yes, it seems to be a little more expensive than other sites and another negative aspect isis that it does appear to be a ceratain percentage of escorts using this site. However, what makes Cougar Life one of the best cougar dating site is that it is really huge with millions of members.Be yourself, have fun, waste your time unless the profile seems genuine. with the fact that any decent woman can walk into any bar/pub etc. with the fact that if a woman starts dropping hints in malls, grocery stores etc.. the chances of women paying money and risking men shopping on the site is EXTREMELY RARE!!!! and I am a above average good looking "cub" with an athletic body and all.... The site is full of dead FAKE profiles SCAMSTERS (Pakistanis doing what they do best.. Who actually gives these people their credit card number to "proove they have no cirimial background? Few examples: -I'll be straight to the point babe. -*-/-/-/-/-*-* -Okay this is the Instructions on how to get SAFETY ID and Certificate It takes 5 minutes or less to finish your registration and I am so excited to meet you just follow this instructions and let me also know if you have problems on doing it, okay?In some cases you may also want to check out smaller sites and see how your chances are. " Do people realize these companies cant track you by the card... If you want to meet me you need to get a Significant Other Certificate -Well if youre free tonight Im good to go if you want to meet, Alright but before we meet I want to make sure I'm not meeting with someone who is either a convict, drug addict or an offender.. -*-*-, I am a woman currently on this site.Yes there are scammers and bad people on this site but you have to use your common sense if you decide to use this site! Also, let me give you a little insiders' tip: There are bunch of older women on Yamvoo looking for a good time. Once I paid for my membership, they suspended my access and took all my money from the card. also no expensive likes, jist pure boring until ye git a reply an then things hot up nicely. I spent nearly £150 on this site sending out messages. Fake profiles of beautiful women used over and over again to give you the impression that it is real.Then fake messages to meet, followed by credit card or personal ID scams. I signed up and started to browse profiles and almost ALL of the ladies are not even in the USA. They are from Florida, or Texas or California but are currently out of the states. Not some fake trying to scam you over the internet I guess when it comes to finding women to shag youre never gonna be satisfied but I still feel cougarlife could do better.

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There are phone and computer sites where you pay a lot for this - we don't do it for free!

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