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Croatia sex dating

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In 2007, 53% of people reported a lot of tension between poor and rich, but in 2016 this share dropped to 35%, closer to the EU average of 29%.Read more Vatroslav Subotić​ Ministry of Labour and Pension System Bernard Jakelić​ Croatian Employers’ Association (CEA) Marija Hanzevacki Independent Trade Unions of Croatia (NHS) Other country-specific information may be available in certain areas on demand.Please feel free to contact your country contact at Eurofound for this or any other information at [email protected] of life EQLS findings show that both life satisfaction and happiness are slightly below the EU28 average in Croatia.Difficulties in making ends meet have increased in Croatia in recent years.In 2007, 58% of respondents reported difficulties in making ends meet, whereas in 2016 this share was 71%.

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Additionally, perceived tensions between different racial and ethnic groups have remained fairly stable, at 33% of the respondents reporting a lot of tension in 2007 and 30% in 2016. Only 4% of respondents were involved in unpaid voluntary work at least once a month in Croatia in 2016, one of the lowest shares in the EU28 (Bulgaria has the lowest share of only 2% in 2016).