Daddy dating game

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Daddy dating game

The sun has stopped in the sky, and the gods are dead.

At first glance, the game's romantic roster looks like a who’s who of sexy stereotypes: the bad boy, the jock, the sensitive artist, the clean-cut hunk.

If you’re fond of reading, this virtual novel allows you to change the rhythm of events in the story.

What’s more, this thought-provoking simulator raises the question ‘What is a perfect family? The notion of what’s right and what’s wrong is blurred in our modern world.

New life in a new place It occurs that Maple Bay is full of handsome men who wouldn’t mind your company. Those greedy hunters will find you everywhere: in the bar, on the street, next to your house. In fact, what can be better than a support from your own kid?

Don’t refuse them because it’s better to choose among many then to be thankful for small mercies. The Daddies will try to make friends with your girl and some of the efforts will be successful.

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The game casts you in the role of a single father who has just moved to a new town with his teenage daughter.

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