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Darkwave and dating

What would you suggest as an improvement, something that would get across the german meaning of darkwave very quickly?I'm afraid that the distinction between The Cure and, say, Joy Division is a little fine for my ears, but I guess I can accept the notion that The Cure is midway between gothic rock and new wave.It is characterized by the use of ethereal atmosphere and angelic female voices but also adds strong influences from classical music.But Neoclassical Darkwave is distinct from the academic art music form known as neoclassical music, a style of classical music dating from the early twentieth century which emphasized formal perfection, elegance of style and purity of taste.I certainly would also include a reference to Leipzig's Wave-Gotik-Treffen, as it is a meeting of "wave gotik" music interests.There are also a number of European labels that promote the genre and we should consider working a few of them into the article.

Also, they're a french band, which makes it a little odd to use them in a discussion of german darkwave.(3) There's a similar problems with "Android Lust": a woman from bangladesh raised in the US - first release in 1998. Can you find someone from the german scene in the mid-80s who'll swear they started talking about darkwave the moment they heard "The Cure"?What has that to do with German darkwave in 1990 or so? Not when did some band start playing that you can later call "darkwave", but when was the term first used? Anyway, I may indluge in another re-write, though when I'm done I'm afraid it'll look a lot like the first writeup that I did...If you're one of the people who have been working on re-writing it, I'd like you to ask yourself what your motives are exactly: are you trying to help make the term clear to someone who's never encountered it before?Or are you trying to make it seem more significant than it is to help out your scene/band/etc.?

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