Dating a canon camera

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Dating a canon camera

The selenium meter cell is arranged around the Canon SE 45mm f1.9 lens - thus automatically compensating for filters; the aperture ring is scaled from f16 down to f1.9, followed by an "auto" setting (with a latch), for shutter priority automation.

The Copal SV shutter has speeds from 1/500 down to 1sec, plus B.

The Canonet was also sold by Bell & Howell as the Bell & Howell / Canon Canonet 19.

Canon, at the time known as a high-end camera maker, caused commotion in the industry at the idea of this mid-priced camera.

Film speed is set between 10-400 ASA by a lever in the shutter speed ring.

The viewfinder features a bright-line, and a scale showing the aperture.

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Its diameter is 58.6mm, length 30.5mm, and weight 200g; it has a 55mm filter thread. This was the last rangefinder lens that Canon would release.

It is marked in metres and feet, minimum focusing distance 50cm. (Unusually, Canon did not participate in the Japanese rangefinder revival of the 1990s, which even brought a Pentax LTM lens.) Also in August 1964, Canon released the earlier of two 19/3.5 FL-mount lenses (for SLR) The specifications are the same as those of the rangefinder-coupled lens, except for its dimensions (in addition to any adapter: diameter 65mm, length 18mm, filter thread 58mm, weight 150g).

There is a PC socket beside the lens, and a switch on the lens barrel for X- or M-flash sync.

There is a self-timer - set by a lever on the lens barrel.

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However, initial stocks sold out in only two hours after release.