Dating a catholic priest

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Their discipline is that married men may be ordained, but priests may not marry. Paul's instructions to single men that they "remain as he is" (I Cor. Ordaining older married men would seem, at first glance, to solve a lot of problems, not only in the developed countries where, arguably, the mandatory vow of celibacy is one of the greatest deterrents to increased vocations, but it would also be a great help in Africa where celibacy is culturally unheard of, and in South America where the priest to people ratio is huge.In other words, Father Mc Gee can't start dating, but married Mr. 7.25-27) and his instructions to Timothy, on the other hand, that priests and deacons should be the husband of only one wife (I Tim. In other words, validly married men could be ordained. Paul also says that his opinion that the unmarried remain so is not mandated from the Lord (I Cor. Because it is only Paul's opinion the rule could be changed. It might also help to solve some problems of the modern priesthood in the West.However, believing that married priests are the answer assumes that they are mature, happily married men.With a bit of reflection anyone can see that marriage in and of itself does not automatically make a man mature, self-giving and happy.Pope Francis's current suggestion is that an exception might also be made for older, married Catholic men to be ordained.In fact, the Eastern Orthodox churches (and the Eastern Rite churches in communion with the Vatican) have had married priests for a long time.

The scandal and pain of betrayal surges through the whole church like a tsunami.

In the below-the-fold part of this post, I’ve reproduced what I’m given to understand is the standard rescript of laicization that was implemented in 1980 and that, with minor modifications, has been in use ever since.

(The minor modifications would concern things like the name of the current pontiff, the fact that the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is now called just the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and updating the numbers of a couple of canons that allow laicized priests to hear deathbed confessions, since the numbers are different in the 1983 Code than they were in the 1917 Code).

8) He can’t serve as a teacher in a parochial school unless he gets the bishop’s permission.

9) He shouldn’t live in or frequent places where his status as an ex-priest is generally known, unless he gets the bishop’s permission.

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