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Dating each other american idol

We try to help each other out and fix each other’s technique.” Not only did Roberts get to go on his journey with a close friend, but he also met his girlfriend Savannah Coker at auditions.

fans, watching Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson admit on Monday night's (May 21) Season 16 finale that they were dating was perhaps a moment even more charming than Poppe's eventual win.

“It’s just a great experience to get closer and to make it this far.” Being southern gentlemen, they never let competition get in the way of their friendship.

“We’ve always had a great chemistry with each other; he’s like a brother to me.

And when the outlet asked when the two became official, he noted: “If you ask me, it was January 21st, which was the first day I laid eyes on her.”And still, he can't help but gush over Poppe.“Watching Maddie win was the coolest thing ever, really,” he said.

“Before she was my girlfriend and all that, she really has been my best friend since we met.

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