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Has dating etiquette about money really changed from the days when men paid for everything? In the not too long ago past—talk to your parents and grandparents—men paid for almost everything on a date.

Hanging out together and observing his or her interactions in a more relaxed setting can give you a living picture of the person. After all, if you liked someone, wouldn’t you want a second chance? If you have not been successful in finding a good match, it might be wiser to date someone who is different from your usual attraction.These gestures can help the wealthier person feel appreciated or loved for being him or herself—and not for his or her money. If your incomes are more equal, how much do you pay as the relationship progresses?The rule is that there aren’t too many rules at this stage.Another option is for each party to simply pay their own way.Or, if you’re all at relatively similar income levels, splitting evenly tends to work out just fine, especially if you dine out regularly so that any inconsistencies — like someone ordering more expensive food on occasion — work themselves out.

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And if you don’t want to go out again, say thank you. What if the person asks you out again, but you don’t want to go?

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