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Wool cloths of several kinds had been a subject of trade for centuries but the Hudson’s Bay blanket was first introduced in the trade in 1780, after HBC had commissioned Thomas Empson’s textile mill in England in 1779 for the first blankets.

After the first shipment to Fort Albany in 1780, the point blankets were shipped to trading posts on a regular basis.

Points were identified by the indigo lines woven into the side of each blanket. the previous owner left in the garage with military blankets?

A full point measured 4 – 5.5 in.; a half point measured half that length. I am an absolute fanatic for mid-century teak furniture with cushions upholstered in these old striped blankets. They have that perfect mix of relaxed/formal; comfortable/modern; …..

Native Americans prized the blankets because of their ability to hold heat even when wet.

In 2009, they continued to be manufactured in the United Kingdom by John Atkinson & Sons.

• The term "point" comes from the French word , which means "to make threaded stitches on cloth." • Points were identified by the dark lines woven into the side of a blanket.

The stripe colors were chosen simply because they were easily produced at the time with colorfast dyes.

They have always reminded me of a cheerful roll of Life Savers candy.

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Today, the point system is still used to measure blanket size and weight.

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