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Dating in new

“One thing I see all the time is people wearing costumes,” says Matty, a mixologist at Dutch Kills and downtown Manhattan’s Attaboy. “It may feel weird for some people, but who cares,” says Barcade bartender Audrey. “That adds a new element to things.” Nobody approves of cheating, a’ight? “And it’s not even the cheating, it’s the lying and the dishonesty.

“Text them who you’re with and when you’re leaving.” Lucky you, you’ve got a regular thing going. I’ve seen lots of people take off their wedding ring before they hit on someone. And don’t count on discretion if you yourself are indiscreet.

The spirit of Cupid, that meddling toddler made popular by 99-cent Valentine’s Day cards, lives on through NYC bartenders.

App connections made manifest are distinct from say, a first date between kickball teammates, because the aspiring lovers are coming into this thing with little more than an avatar and a headline. “Nothing is more cringeworthy than watching someone try to discreetly scroll through their matches upon arrival to a date.

That’s why Haley, a mixologist at Long Island City’s Dutch Kills, insists that you review your match a final time your date. Note their appearance AND NAME before you walk in.” So what steps can you take to minimize awkwardness?

Between working nights at a cafe and going to auditions on weekends, she doesn’t have any patience for the flaky daters in her life.

A lot of her posts have the same bottom line: “Where do I go to meet a good single man?

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“Bars are intimate, but they’re still public space,” says Audrey.