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Dating moving relationship

"People get quite scared of relationships when they’re not sure, and they don’t want to get hurt and don’t want to enmesh themselves with somebody too quickly.

It could be that they’re keeping their options open for other people as well.

"Remember, you’re not saying don’t enjoy your relationship," Simone explains.

"Just that you want to slow it down in a way that’s comfortable for you, so that you can keep your judgement, friends, and the balance in your life."But how much hanging out is too much at the beginning?

You've both cried while talking about how much you love your dads.

"If you’re not, you can never benefit from the relationship - showing vulnerability is the only way to really bond with, and know, somebody." Sometimes though, people may use wanting to take it slow as an excuse to drag out having to make a commitment of any kind." If so, you could be losing your independence and balance and you need to check yourself. But you need to be careful not to go too slow and avoid "distancing yourself so much that you’re not even really in the relationship, bonding, or getting to learn about the other person on a deeper level." Basically, ensure you're not giving and getting the bare minimum."[If you are doing that] ask yourself where’s that coming from," Simone says. Is it because you’ve been through a break up before and been hurt?But at the same time, you've got *feelings* and don't want the fun to end.Should you cool it down a little and try and take things slow?

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