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I hope this yuletide-free edition of "Stanley Stories" has proven a refreshing escape from all the holiday hoo-hah.By the way, my fellow comix fiends, if anyone has issues 13, 15 and 18 of Our Gang, and would be willing to scan their contents for purposes of comix research, please contact me.NET 4.0 controls on 32-bit applications were recognized as Swf Objects. Recovery scenarios did not work in BPT wrapper tests. Run-time errors were displayed if you ran a business component that contained a QCUtil. Change Request: QCCR1J16627, QC53017 This patch provides official support for testing applications in Internet Explorer when Internet Explorer is in protected mode.It includes support for working with Internet Explorer in Protected Mode on all operating systems that Quick Test Professional supports.

The story is just about the survival game, and how the two mice endure it with a sense of humor and plenty o' attitude.

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This blog is a continuation of the genetic journey I have told about in earlier postings.

One year later, John Stanley has begun to find his voice as a writer.

The tiptoed steps of the first story become bolder strides.

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The crispness of its telling, and the reliance on dialect--mushmouth for Mammy, kid-talk for the mice--plus a few un-punctuated statements in speech balloons, are the strongest Stanley tells.

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