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Dating pottery finds

Many societies in the ancient Middle East left their writings in stone (the hieroglyphs of Egypt), or on soft clay tablets that hardened into stone over time (the Babylonians and Assyrians).

Archaeologists in the Holy Land are shedding new light on what did- and didn't occur in the greatest stories ever told." The article describes recent archaeological finds in Israel and surrounding areas, and then categorizes public and scholarly reaction to these finds in three main groupings: "Jewish and Christian Ultraconservatives," who do not believe any part of the Bible is fiction; "Atheists," who want to debunk the whole Bible; and "the moderate majority," who want to be sure that the Bible is scientifically "grounded in truth." As Reformed believers we fall into what Time calls the "Ultraconservative" group.And if Christians only accept those archaeological findings that they agree with, can they not be justly accused of being positively childish in their refusal to face up to disagreeable facts?The whole unfortunate enterprise of trying to verify the claims of Scripture with the findings of archaeology rests on a real misunderstanding of how the science of archaeology and the Christian faith view the concept of truth.To see the characteristics of beaches where sea glass and beach pottery can be found, go to Finding a Sea Glass Beach.This was first published as a two-part series by Phillip Climer Standard bearer, Vol. he December 18, 1995 issue of Time magazine had as its cover story, "Is The Bible fact Or Fiction?

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Many of the pottery shards shown on this page were found near Lin's mother's home on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA, and also here in the State of Washington on the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands areas.