Dating rca vacuum tubes

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Other systems prefix the number with the letters JHS or JAN. Confusingly, the British also had two entirely different VT nomenclatures, one used by the Royal Air Force and the other used by the General Post Office, responsible for post and telecommunications at the time, where it may have stood for Valve, Telephone; none of these schemes corresponded in any way with each other. One system prefixes a three-digit number with the letters "VT", presumably meaning "Vacuum Tube". Like the British military system, these have many direct equivalents in the civilian types.If you are looking for a hard to find vacuum tube, we can nearly guarantee that it is in our inventory and available today! I have a bunch of Computer grade Sylvania 6350's made for the Buroughs Corp. I've searched the Web for a key to Sylvania date codes, but no luck. I am sure when Sylvania was in business they could have used internal paperwork to trace a production lot to a specific line and date, but there is no translation scheme to get years and dates out of them. We actually have Twelve Million vacuum tubes in our inventory. We have them all, in stock, and we have them at the best prices! Give us a call today at 1-800-326-4140 and find out for yourself why we are #1.

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When a government requirement for CV4017 tube specification came in a Request For Proposal (RFP) to the 4 major USA tube factories they all worked together to source from one another to fill the orders.

This is why we see so many tubes made by Tung-Sol labeled as RCA, RCA made tubes labeled Sylvania, Sylvania made tubes labeled GE ...

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