Dating someone who has bipolar disorder Open karachi adult girls number

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Once I got over needing to have a cartoon as my life partner, I found the love of my life in a package much different than the Disney caricature.Believe it or not, I actually met my husband at an AA meeting.If they came out healthy, they would have no excuses.

Part of the reason that I married him was that he let me know exactly how debilitating his condition was.

Bipolar disorder is described as a set of behaviors that fluctuate wildly without any external provocation.

Moods shift from extremely manic highs to extremely depressed lows.

(If you are unfamiliar with the halo effect, it simply means that a person with one good quality is seen to have many good qualities.)Few, if any women will ever achieve this perfect vision in their real lives.

I have yet to meet the perfect woman on this earth, so we can assume that there is no such thing as a perfect man.

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This is exactly why I would like to focus on the difference between dating someone with a mental disorder and someone who has the potential to abuse you and possibly end your life.