Dating someone who lives with their ex are asap rocky and iggy azalea dating

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Dating someone who lives with their ex

Also, it may be too early in the relationship to ask that of X.There is no such thing as the right time – each relationship is different and the people involved are in the best position to decide when is the right time.

X has told me on a few occasions that I could either live with it or end the relationship if I can’t accept it. I have accepted the fact that she is sharing the same house with Y and that she will always go over to Y’s family’s place for family dinners and get-togethers.” she said, a champagne flute dangling from her hand. As in sitting right next to her, watching all of this go down.I don’t know if this declaration was lost in the fuzziness of alcohol or what, but I don’t drink, and I felt deeply uncomfortable.I hate the way X handles the situation and I feel unimportant in her life. – It is hard to start a relationship when there is an ex in the picture. There is the fear of the relationship getting crowded.I know Y is a very nice person but I feel that a chapter has already closed in their lives. The biggest fear, of course, is the threat – whether real or imagined – that the ex poses to the current partner.

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