Dating vintage shoes

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Note the last picture where this French maker uses their own version of a watertight and very sturdy construction...the Veldtschoen hand welt/ stitch (as opposed to the Goyser).

Possibly this "loose-fitting" shoe situation simply stuck.An extremely sturdy construction favored by some excellent French & UK shoemakers. BUT, there is no doubt that EVERYONE got into the act!In Canada (which isn't really known as a shoemaking capitol today, but was once home to some Fabulous Makers), some incredible examples sprung up.Modern Budapesters by Laszlo Vass (Hungary) & Heinrich Dinkelacker (Germany) 1940's Hungarian Bespoke Budapester Shoes Note the last 2 pictures where some interesting details come clear.First, the sole is finished with an angle-cut close channel (which protects the stitching from direct contact with the ground).

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1940's Spade Soles Gunboats by Stoebener Widest welt I have ever seen. These shoes measure a full 5 inches (127 mm) across the forefoot.

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