Dating violence against men

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Dating violence against men

Our national resource center, Workplaces Respond, features new resources for victims, co-workers, employers, and advocates to shift workplace culture from facilitating harassment and silence to promoting support, respect, and equity.

Each year, nearly 60% of youth are exposed to violence in their homes, schools, and communities.

Recent research has also found a relationship between intimate partner violence and reproductive coercion.

In addition to these various fashions, acts of domestic violence can be initiated on both partners, meaning both the male and female of a relationship.Learn how a supportive and caring adult can help a child overcome childhood trauma and exposure to violence.The next frontier of #Me Too in the workplace is changing culture.That being said, domestic violence against men is not uncommon; numerous researched have compiled statistics regarding spousal abuse by women on men.Based on the statistical approach used, various studies have found that women are as aggressive, or even more aggressive, than men in their relationships Studies undertaking the investigation of the identification of domestic violence victims cite women as accounting for almost 85% of domestic violence victims; furthermore, within that percentage, women between the ages of 20 and 24 are considered to account for the majority of domestic violence victims – however, the classification of domestic violence victims includes the following details.

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