Dating when to kiss a girl

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If this kind of kiss went okay and she looks at you as if she expects something, then you can go for another one, which can be a French kiss.

Before kissing a Russian woman you must consider certain moments.

Some topics can be tabooed for anecdotes and jokes, and it's better to avoid them if you don't want to spoil the first impression.

But if she laughs at all of your jokes, then you're one step closer towards the first kiss.

There are different approaches to kissing a Russian and a western girl.

While western women are much more easy-going when it comes to romance, Russian women still follow certain dating traditions.

Another threat that can occur when you talk too much about yourself is that you can start complaining about your ex-girlfriends.

Here you must be careful because if you have only bad things to say about them, your Russian girl may assume that you have problems with women or that you don't know what you want from your partner.

Russian women enjoy self-assured men, so there is no point in being timid during your first date.Trying to kiss her in a cafe or cinema won't be the best choice.If you take a walk in the park in the evening, it can be the perfect place.Unfortunately, there is no ultimate recipe to make her kiss you.But, there are few tricks that you can use when on a date.

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