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Dating your vibroplex

Morse code remains the simplest and most efficient way known to send messages via radio.

Messages can be sent with less transmitter power than by any other method (except for ultra-complicated "spread spectum" systems, which are expensive, difficult to construct, and beyond the reach of the average ham).

As the gap made and broke contact, the radio wave was audible in a magnetic detector at the receiving station.

CW equipment can be easily built by most prospective hams.

Until recently, morse code proficiency was a manditory part of every license examination, but since it was dropped as a requirement by the FCC in 2007, this mode of radio communication has taken on a new life.

Many thought it would simply disappear, but morse code, now that it's being taken up out of interest instead of being a burdensome requirement, is steadily gaining new fans.

In fact, an entire group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts specialize in building and using very simple, low powered stations (known as QRP, in ham radio parlance).

There are thousands of QRP enthusiasts around the world, who, for only a few tens of dollars, construct and operate their entire station, including antenna, transmitter and accessories.

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