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Datingdefinition com

Since many people distinguish between dating, dating someone and seeing someone, it follows that there must be subtle differences between these relations. One could say that it is a phase of the person’s romantic life that focuses on getting to know people…that might be suitable romantic partners for relationship purposes.

Also, some dating excludes any specific romantic involvement.Why Words Matter Different people use language in different ways.When a man and a woman becomes ‘involved’ (word used in the broadest sense possible) with each other, they are not ‘an island.’ Their ‘involvement’ is a social construct and has to be defined or displayed in a way that will share their mutual understanding of this involvement with their friends, family and the world in general.Continuing to see that ‘person would suggest that things progressed a bit further, to a point where the partners are “seeing each other”.This type of connotation may elude to the fact that they are now sharing with one another more eagerly, and more formally, with the view to a possible commitment in the near future. The difference between seeing someone and dating someone has been described by some pundits according to degrees of exclusivity.

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When saying “I am dating Cindy,” this might very well include some romantic involvement, but many people will say “At the moment, I’m just dating.” This excludes romantic involvement with anyone specific.