Disadvantages of dating a younger guy

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Disadvantages of dating a younger guy

You may even consider ending the relationship because the age difference is something many parents frown upon.

This tends to be a big issue for women with parents who are traditional, not open minded, and who are over protective.

Not only will the older man have a better job that is more stable, he will also have had time to save money, invest it in his future, and use it wisely. Where as a man who is younger, tends to go through the phase of spending lots of cash unwisely, while also not thinking about saving up for his future yet.

Younger men tend to play the constant game of not responding sometimes for hours or days, and let’s be honest, the lack of communication makes you sad, angry, or worried.

As always, there are some cons that come with being in a relationship with an older man, this is mainly where the social stigma associated with it, become very apparent.

When it comes to having a relationship with an older man, you may have major cases of anxiety or you may just be a ball of nerves when it comes time to him meeting your family.

Everyone has a personality, which means that this may vary for your man, but the pros that are listed below, tend to cover the benefits of being in a relationship with an older man. There is a common misconception that all younger women marry an older man for the money, this is not true, at least in most cases.

However, when dating an older man compared to a man who is much younger, you will notice big differences in the realm of finances.

He is willing to not only settle down with you, but to also live together, consider a family, and to enjoy time with you.

However, there is a stigma that comes with being in a relationship with an older man.

This stigma seems to stop women from doing it even though they really want to, which in turn, leaves many women unsure of what to do.

This is something that is extremely important in a relationship, and older men tend to be more mature tentative, reasonable, considerate, and understanding.

This will show in every aspect of your relationship, but especially when it comes to communication.

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He is a fountain of knowledge due to all of his past experiences.

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