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Barker was replaced by Rob Evans in cycle 19, and Manuel by Johnny Wujek.

After cycle 4, Marin and Dickinson were replaced by J. Paulina Porizkova joined the panel in cycle 10, in place of Twiggy.

The writers sought representation through the Writers Guild of America, West, which would allow them regulated wages, access to portable health insurance, and pension benefits.

These benefits would be similar to those given to writers on scripted shows.

Cycles 1–16, 19 and 23–24 each consisted of a cast of 10–15 female contestants with no previous participation on the series.

Cycle 17's cast consisted entirely of previous participants, while cycle 18's had seven new contestants and seven former Britain's Next Top Model participants.

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Cycles 20–22 featured male contestants in the contest, including two male winners.

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