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She sees a TV commercial announcing Beverly Luff Linn’s impending arrival in town and reacts so strongly to it we know there’s some history there.

After encountering Clement’s character, Colin Keith Threadener, an awkward, morose would-be enforcer who shows up to retrieve money Shane stole from Lulu’s brother, they head for the hotel where Beverly Luff Linn is to perform and things get even weirder.

’” Plaza says, curled up on the couch next to Robinson.

She watched “The Greasy Strangler” and then started digging deeper into Hosking’s past.

Despite being apart for almost 40 years, Sally Field was one of the first to pay tribute to Reynolds after the news of his death aged 82 broke on Thursday.“If I was 12 and I saw ‘Beverly Luff Linn,’ I feel like I would feel the same way that I did when I saw ‘Serial Mom,’” she says.The costume design in the movie is also eye-opening in how it captures some of the worst and weirdest aspects of the past.“Honestly that look made me feel more like myself than anything I’ve ever done,” Plaza says with a laugh. “They gave me that big puffy jacket — I asked them for that,” she says.“And then I also have the hotel silk robe that I wore a few times.” “I didn’t get anything, I gotta go back,” Robinson says.

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It’s all just a bit askew, more John Waters than Judd Apatow in terms of the director’s comedic interests, which dovetails neatly with Plaza’s sentiment that it reminds her of “Serial Mom,” a Waters movie, which inspired her to act when she was a kid.

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