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Expat forum dubai dating

The UAE is considered the most liberal country in the Gulf and many expats use it as a base from which to commute to jobs in more conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Thousands of other expats work in well-paid jobs in the UAE itself and enjoy a lavish and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

“Expats are choosing to leave the UAE because it has become too expensive for them or they are worried about job security. Companies can no longer justify paying big salaries to Western employees and are looking to recruit from elsewhere to cut costs.

Or, they are simply downsizing.” Placements by his firm are down 60 percent year-on-year, the recruiter says.

An estimated 7.8 million of the country’s 9.2 million population are expats, according to the latest estimates, with Emiratis making up just 11 percent of the total.Garrett O’Dowd, Dubai-based co-founder of recruitment agency Teach and Explore, says he has seen “first hand” the impact of redundancies on expat families and some of his friends have left the country after being laid off.Many of Teach and Explore’s clients (major schools across the UAE) are struggling to fill classrooms as a result.Bana Shomali, CEO of Move Souq.com, which provides online bookings for moving and home services, says international moves from the UAE is the fastest growing segment of the business, with enquiries growing 70 percent from January to June 2016 and 100 percent year-on-year since June 2015.“We don’t ask people the reasons [why] they are leaving, but anecdotally people are saying it has to do with continued uncertainty in the job market,” she says.

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Many others leave their families behind and work as taxi drivers and construction labourers, earning higher wages than they would back home so they can send their children to school.