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The show provides plenty of bidding drama and personality among the bidders.Often times, bidders are out large sums of money for a storage unit that has less than exciting items inside.I like their energy and applaud the producers, editors, directors and all others who brought this season's show to the success that I see it as.

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As former show participants have revealed, the majority of what House Hunters gives viewers is an illusion.

As former show participant Bobi noted on the Hooked on Houses blog, to be accepted for the show, she (and her family) had to have already secured a home to purchase in order to be on the show.

According to Fellow’s IMDB page, the supposedly struggling artist had already been in film (despite being an extra).

This A&E show promises viewers a look into the world of abandoned storage units that are bid on by auctioneers, hoping to cash in on the potential treasures that are hidden within the abandoned storage units.

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On occasion, bidders will get lucky and win a bid for a storage unit that has items of actual value, allowing them to sell the items and make a profit off their purchase of the unit contents.