Farmers and ranchers dating commercial single white female for dating

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Farmers and ranchers dating commercial

That's why Farmers was created for farmers, ranchers, and country-folks to find the love they deserve.

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This baffling website claims to help farmers create relationships.

It connects “cowboys to cowgirls.” It’s targeted to people who prefer the country lifestyle.

I don’t mean to stereotype anyone, but wouldn’t farmers instead be tending to their livestock, repairing tractors, picking watermelons, starting campfires, taking over federal buildings, or doing whatever farmers usually do?

Come to think of it — kinda’ gives me goosebumps, too. What I don’t get is how the hell a dating site for “farmers” can run just as many commercial ads as Budweiser or Viagra? And, if indeed there are, would they be paying attention to the commercial break of an Ivy League college basketball game on ESPN between Princeton and Brown?

The commercials even take a swipe at cynical urbanites, purporting that “city folk just don’t get it.” They’re absolutely right.

Oh, I’m sure there’s an untapped market out there for desperate damsels attracted to men bruised with mutton chops.

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