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"Sometimes, I worry that online dating is bringing out the very worst in me.

I think back to being a student, and how I dated then – I'd usually just go out with my friends, and women I got to know over a long period of time.

Tinder isn't just a dating app, it's an influencer.

Its founders recently hinted at plans to launch a premium, paid for service with additional features.

It's Tinder meets the Missed Connections column, and you can hook up with your commuter crushes without having to announce in the Metro that you spent the duration of your train journey staring at the cute brunette in the red hat.

According to, singles in America spend billion a year on dating, and 9 a year per person on dating sites.

Jonathan Hunt, a financial planner and my single friend, tells me, "Practically, I can't think of a better investment, because it's not an industry that's going to be saturated – it's an ongoing emotional need. I've been hooked on Tinder since last summer, and I've signed up to Match, Soulmates and various other services.

I didn't go in with any expectations, I was just keen to meet girls that I fancied and got on with.

I broke up with a long term girlfriend three years ago, and I thought that online dating sounded great.

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They want to make as much money as possible, and our desire for love, sex and companionship is easy to monetise.

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